Nationally Recognised Nutritionists (NRN’s) are qualified to provide detailed nutritional advice and meal planning support to clients in support of their unique needs and goals. Nationally Recognised Nutritionists are frontline advisory staff who work with clients that are otherwise ‘healthy’ yet are looking to improve their health and wellbeing through a positive approach to nutrition. Nationally Recognised Nutritionists work in gyms, sporting clubs, supplement stores, and as independent health and wellness coaches across Australia, to make evidence-based nutritional advice readily accessible for the community.

What can Nationally Recognised Nutritionists do for a client?

Nationally Recognised Nutritionists work with clients to identify their specific needs and goals and provide them with detailed nutritional advice, and tailored meal plans to assist the client in achieving those needs and goals. Whether a client aims to lose weight, improve their general health, enhance immunity, reduce stress, or improve their physical performance, Nationally Recognised Nutritionists have the skills and knowledge to help a client achieve their goals.

What training have Nationally Recognised Nutritionists undertaken?

All Nationally Recognised Nutritionists hold, as a minimum, the 11046NAT Certificate IV in Nutrition. This qualification provides detailed knowledge for a thorough understanding of nutritional theory and comprehensive training on the analysis of client needs for the provision of accurate nutritional advice. Nationally Recognised Nutritionists also have formal training in preparing nutritional plans in response to client needs through the implementation of national and international guidelines and standards.

What are the limitations of service for Nationally Recognised Nutritionists?

Nationally Recognised Nutritionists work with individuals who have been identified through pre-screening tools to be within the Nutrition Council Australia endorsed Scope of Practice, i.e. NIL health concerns or risks. This means that if a client is identified as ‘At Risk’ or has a chronic health condition, the Nationally Recognised Nutritionists will refer the client to a higher-level specialist such as a dietitian, general practitioner or psychologist.

How do graduates of the 11046NAT - Certificate IV in Nutrition (or its previous version 10763NAT - Certificate IV in Nutrition) become registered Nationally Recognised Nutritionists?

To apply for registration, you must be a graduate of the 11046NAT Certificate IV in Nutrition (or the previous version 10763NAT – Certificate IV in Nutrition). NRNs must abide by their Scope of Practice at all times. Application for registration is located within the ‘Registration’ tab at the top of this page.
NOTE: If you are utilising your qualification in practice with clients, you must ensure you hold Allied Health Professional Indemnity/Public Liability Insurance.