Nutrition Council Australia (NCA) is a collaborative industry association that exists to promote positive nutritional information and healthy lifestyle practices within Australia.

Nutrition Council Australia is formed by a diverse cross-section of health professionals and industry experts, including nutritionists, dietitians, and educators.

What we stand for

NCA recognises the need to support the development of nutrition professionals in the health and wellness sector through nationally recognised and accredited training.

NCA has developed the nationally recognised and accredited 11046NAT – Certificate IV in Nutrition qualification (which supersedes the previous version of the course – 10763NAT – Certificate IV in Nutrition).
NCA has also developed the associated Scope of Practice and Risk Stratification Screening Tool (RSST) required for course completion.

The role of NCA is to govern the Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) that have approval to deliver the Certificate IV in Nutrition qualification.
*Vast Fitness Academy is the current authorised Registered Training Organisation responsible for the delivery of this qualification.




NCAs sole focus is to govern the Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) approved to deliver the Certificate IV in Nutrition qualification. NCA stipulates the course outcomes, delivery modes, performance and knowledge requirements of the course and ensure that RTOs are meeting these requirements.

For any student/graduate enquiries relating to the scope of practice, course delivery, course outcomes or working within industry, please direct these questions to the RTO in which you completed your studies.

While NCA provides a resource hub that includes the necessary documentation required for registered graduates; the role of NCA is solely to ensure that RTOs are upholding the requirements of the accredited course. NCA is not a place for registered graduates to enquire about continuing education or nutritional information. Please direct these questions to  the RTO in which you completed your studies. 

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NCA can be contacted via [email protected]

Please Note, if you are a current student or graduate of the Certificate IV in Nutrition, please refer to the RTO who delivered your training for support or course-related information.